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Howdy folks.

Again I am going to release a song on the March Hillcrest Multi-Artist CD 63, for the fifth time.
After "Absence' "Don`t Think" "Crazy Arms" and "Seven lonely Days" now the song "Somewhere Between".
Thanks to Ross Allen who inspires me and has a great passion for country music. It is a pleasure working with Ross and his company Hillcrest Music.For more information go to

18th September In release my new EP CD "STILL GOING" with 5 songs.
With two newly written songs, by Wim Pols.
And three Covers.
Again all arrangements are created by Laurens v. Wessel "Studio  ' 69"

 1) SMS -Wim Pols
 2) Cowboy Boots Or Business Suit -Wim Pols/L.v.Wessel.
 3) Somewhere Between
 4) Rose Of My Heart
 5) El De Los Ojos Negros ( Bonus Track)

I dedicated this CD on to my dear father who has died that year in may 2009.
To commemorate him I have placed a poem on the inside cover of this CD .

The CD`s "Don`t Think"& "Still Going" are available or to order from severall record stores.
If you like you can order the CD`s from me or
Or at one of my live performances.
I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this production.

June 30 2007 I made my very first Country CD "LITTLE TOO LATE"  under my own management.
And I am very busy with the promotion of the CD.
There have been  a lot of good & positive reactions to it.
And there are already plans for a forthcoming CD.

Also this CD will be in Country atmosphere/style.
What it exactly is going to be the  I can not tell you yet,
Because I'm busy with the preparation and it is still in an early stage.
What I can tell, is that there are already 1 or 2 new songs that will appear on this CD.
Laurens van Wessel has offered to write them for me , whitch I am tremendously  happy with.
And they will also be produced in STUDIO ' 69.
All this will be recorded and released in 2008.
I keep you informed of the progress of this course.

It is now June 2008.

Almost 1 year after the release of my first CD " LITLLE TOO LATE " 
I plunged in the studio again , and we are busy with the recording of the new Country EP disc.
There are 6 songs some of which are covers,
And 2 or 3 new songs, but we are still not quite sure witch ones to choose.

 The new songs are written by:
Dick v. Altena, Wim Pols & Laurens v. Wessel.
All arrangements are made by Laurens v. Wessel, and again recorded in Studio ' 69 in Zegge.
It`s going to be a combination of up-tempo and ballad songs.
This CD will be released in late August/early September 2008.
I will keep everyone informed on the progress of this release of course.


More than a year and a half ago, October 2008 after my first  EP CD "LITTLE TOO LATE" under my own management.
Now the official release on the 3th of October of my Second Country EP CD " DON'T THINK (it's over yet)"

This time its released under the label van VNC Music Productions.
There are 6 tracks of which 2 of them are new songs, and 4 covers.

"Don't Think"  written by Laurens v. Wessel 
"Absence" written by Dick v. Altena.
The CD is available or to order at

Or if you like you may order through me or you can buy the CD at one of my live performances.
I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this production.

Sincerely, Conny Lee.